BC-40 Barge Connector Winch



The time savings and speed in making up tows with winches instead of ratchets is useless if you have to maintain or repair it with every use.  The Model BC-40 Barge Connector has been designed to use, not maintain.  The winch features high capacity grease free synthetic bearing and a simple counterweight type ratchet without springs to minimize routine maintenance in the abusive waterways environment.  The operation of the winch for both tightening and releasing the loads have been engineered for optimum user ergonomics and safety.  From the ideal positioning and engagement of the ratchet lever controlled cable release brake the BC-40 is designed for easy operation.


  • Low profile compact design saves deck space
  • Hand lever operated brake for controlled load release
  • Hand wheel with spinner knob for fast take-up
  • Ratchet lever for final tensioning
  • Machine cut gearing with protective guarding
  • High capacity synthetic bearings on drive and drum shafts
  • Connector pin and yoke allows 360 degree rotation
  • Unique pivot pin mounting (no D-Ring required)
  • Front mounted rope guard aligns cable with drum


See BC-40 40 Ton Barge Connector Brochure for additional information including specifications and cable capacities.