Hand Winches

Hand Winches


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Worm Gear Hand Winches – 750-3000 lbs

 Wintech’s Worm Gear Hand Winches range in capacity from 750-3,000 lbs.  These winches are automatic self-locking and are mountable in almost any position.

Spur Gear Hand Winches – 1/2 and 1 Ton

Wintech’s AM-Series (1/2 Ton) and BM-Series (1 Ton) Spur Gear Hand Winches are designed to offer a portable hand winch for light lifting, lowering, holding, moving or securing rated loads.

Spur Gear Hand Winches – 2 and 5 Ton

Wintech’s LM-Series (2 Ton) and HM-Series (5 Ton) hand winches are designed for marine duty and industrial use.

Spur Gear Hand Winches – 10 and 15 Ton

The BW-Series 10 and 15 Ton Hand Winches are free standing, requiring no vertical side clearance for operation.