WK-V Series Winches

WK-V Series Winches

Description:The Model WK1000-V and WK1500-V Electric Winches are rugged and reliable winches designed for operation on standard 115V single phase electric power.  Adjustable speed control allows the operator to vary winch speed from 0 to 100% speed at full rated line pull.  High ratio helical-worm gearing combined with an automatic spring-applied holding brake ensure your load is not accidentally lost in the event of power failure.  All of these features along with their compact, heavy-duty design make the WK-V Series winches a versatile, convenient and economical solution to many hauling and lifting challenges.

Standard Features:

  • 115 Volt Single Phase Power
  • Variable winching speed for precise load positioning
  • Sever duty TEFC electric motor
  • High ratio worm gearing
  • Compact design with 10 ft long cord
  • Direction control pendant
  • Direction and speed controls mounted on the winch
  • Ready to plug in to wall outlet rated for 20 amps or more
  • Dual winch position (horizontal/vertical) bolt down mounting feet
  • Designed for outdoor use

 Options Available:

  • 230V/1 Phase Power Supply 
  • 230V/3 Phase Power Supply
  • 460V/3 Phase Power Supply
  • Wire Rope Installed    

See WK Series Winch Brochure for performance data and cable capacities.