Worm Gear Hand Winch Series 750 - 3000 lbs. Capacity

Worm Gear Hand Winch Models Include


W2, W5 and W10 - 500 - 1,850 lb capacity and intended for intermittent hand use only. 


W100-3, W100-6 and W200-5 - 1,500 - 3,000 lb capacity and intended for heavy duty hand use only.


W100-3P, W100-6P and W200-5P - 750 - 1,500 lb capacity and  intended for heavy duty hand use or are convertible for intermittent power use. 





See further details including dimensional drawings, standard features, and options for each of the models in  the Worm Gear Hand Winch Brochure.


W2, W5 and W10 Parts and Maintenance Manual

W100 and W200 Parts and Maintenance Manual